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Our Farm

Richland Creek Farm has a deep heritage rooted in the history of southern Arkansas dating back to the days of horse and buggy. Although a bit off the beaten path today, the farm sits fairly central to the historical travel route between El Dorado and Mount Holly.  The original hand dug well that sits neatly in front of our home,  offered a cool respite for tired and thirsty travelers among the rural farming communities that predated the historic oil boom of the 1920’s that came to define the region.

Subsistence farming was a way of life for most families at the time our farm was first established.  Families relied on the crops they could grow and the livestock they could raise to meet the needs of their own families as well as trade among their neighboring communities.  

It was hard, diligent, hope filled work and that sense of community and pride in hand crafted goods that built the southern charm we long for today.  

Our journey with the farm began when Ken first purchased the place in the late 1970’s and went to work on the land.  Since then, countless hours, and buckets of blood, sweat, and tears have been poured out in reestablishing what stands today as Richland Creek Farm.

Few families in America today rely on substance farming.  Richland Creek Farm & Market offers a spark of that original heritage and regional flavor while providing a niche farming experience.  That allows us to supply unique, high quality handmade goods, and produce that go beyond  simply meeting our needs but appeal to our love of artistic expression and culinary arts.  

Rhonda and Ken have woven their professional backgrounds in horticulture and engineering together to bring together modern methods and practices with sustainable farming. 

Our commitments to conservation and preserving heritage plant breeds along with use of  selected hybrids helps build flavor packed produce on economical scale without heavy reliance on harsh chemicals and additives.  Building better soils and working with nature instead of against it, just makes good sense.  

From farm fresh, free range chicken eggs and produce to hand crafted foods and southern recipes,  Richland Creek Farm & Market has a wholesome southern quality that is simply a delight to experience.  

Richland Creek Farm & Market

Every season is different and the diversity of the farm brings unique changes.  We’re always working to improve our farm and offer the highest quality products directly from our farm to your table.  We’re happy to serve you in person at our farm or online.   Let us know how we can help you better.  

In season and out

Find out what’s happening on the farm and stay up-to-date on the freshest produce in season, insightful tips for your garden and delicious artisan food recipes.

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In Bloom

Richland Creek farm is a beautiful setting with lots of colorful plants and animals. Different seasons produce vibrant colors and smells. You can hear the leaves rustling as the breeze blows, the birds sing and the honey bees buzz as they work with us aour farm chores. When the flowers bloom, the whole area is like a picture perfect postcard.

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